I'm an experienced 3-axis gimbal operator and technician based in London. I work with the Freefly MoVi, DJI Ronin and Letus Helix as well as in partnership with camera drone pilots.

3-axis gimbal stabilizers bring a new dynamic aspect to tracking and moving shots, giving huge creative license to filmmakers, with more freedom and a wider range of motion than a traditional Steadicam set-up. Smooth shots from vehicles, tracking shots and rapid movements low to high are quick to coordinate and easy to repeat. I believe it comes into it's own when trying new and exciting camera movements that haven't been seen before – like taking the camera through open windows or tracking backwards out of a vehicle.

I've been working with the Freefly MoVi since it hit the UK in 2013, taking delivery of one of the first MoVi M10s in the country and I've not looked back since. As an early adopter of this technology I've learnt through experience the advantages of each system. I can help and advise you how to get the best out of the technology for each shot. Whether you're planning to use a MoVi rig, a DJI Ronin, or a Helix, each job is different and I enjoy the challenge of customising the rig to try something new.